Hello, I'm Dante Harker.... Welcome to Hypnotic Boxes

I am a therapist and writer with over 20 years experience of hypnosis and therapy. I originally trained as a counsellor and have worked for Mind, Carers Trust, The Big Issue and a variety of different volunteer organisations. 


When I first started working as a therapist, people appeared to have more time. It wasn't uncommon to have a year or more of therapy. With the advent of the internet, rolling news, longer hours and generally more stressed lives, people require quicker solutions to their problems. 


I added to my training by learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), this is a way of using language patterns to help people quicker than traditional therapy.   


I actually learned how to hypnotise as a teen. My grandad gave my a big orange book entitled The Mystic World that taught me the basics. I loved it even back then, and I have taken many courses over the years to add to my skill set. 


I now use a mix of therapies to find the best solutions for my clients. 


And then there's SEX of course... sadly sexual unhappiness is very common in society today for a variety of reasons, and yet the majority of people struggle to talk about sex on anything other than a base level. 


Many sexual problems have easy solutions, and yet they cause such upsets - premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, social phobias, etc. 


I am open-minded, and about as unshockable as they come, so if need help, please get in touch.  

To have a friendly, confidential chat or to book a session please Email, call/text/whatsapp 07305 507124